About Us

Olson Photography's story.



 Olson Photography is a Rockford, Illinois based portrait and commercial photography studio. A trusted professional  studio in Rockford, Illinois and Northern Illinois for over 20 years. Our imagery is seen in National Geographic, Chicago Magazine, Traveler, Alaska, Amour Fashion, Northwest Quarterly magazine and many more.


A Rockford Professional photographer.



We are a diverse full service professional photography studio and fine art gallery. Our specialty is capturing life and making people smile in the Rockford area for over 20 years.

We love what we do and it shows in the way we treat and photograph you, like family ! 

David and Adrienne are credited with college degrees and years in the field of photography. What sets us apart is our unique ability to photograph so many different aspects in all fields.  And do it better than the rest ! 

   A top-notch digital imaging staff and school and sports team photographers make up the team at Olson Photography. 

Don't take a chance on amateur photographers with no studio or training. You are taking a risk getting low quality unsatisfactory pictures, you may ultimately regret later for saving a few dollars. Choose Olson for fun, energetic and fantastic results. We guarantee you will love your images from us.

Voted One of the Regions best



Photo Sets and Locations

Our studio has 1500 square feet of sets and backdrops for any type of photography.

From traditional settings to edgy and contemporary sets.

We are committed to helping create the best possible images. 

Give us a call for more information.  Olson Photography's  studio is located at 5643 East State Street in Rockford, Illinois near Lino's Restaurant.